Lets Fly Fish with Ally Gowans

Ally Gowans is a professional writer, photographer, fishing instructor and guide who provides top class tuition and instruction including Spey casting, underhand, roll and overhead casting with two handed rods and all types of single handed casts, including overhead and side casts, roll and Spey casts, underhand casts and the use of single and double hauls with those casts. Learn all the secrets for successful fly fishing.

Fly fishing tuition and guided trips are available within the Highland Perthshire area and throughout Scotland, contact Ally to make arrangements.  Ally also holds Spey casting and single handed casting schools in Scotland and various other countries including USA, Canada, England, Ireland, and Italy. If you would like to arrange a fly fishing school close to your location contact Ally for details.

Ally's qualifications include APGAI trout, salmon and fly tying, AAPGAI Master and FFF Master Instructor and Two Handed Casting Instructor. He also hold a coach licence for game angling, a requirement for undertaking public authority coaching duties.  These qualifications are fine but they pale into insignificance against over 50 years experience of being a serious fishing bum. Whilst he cannot cure the angling disease he can make it more enjoyable, infectious even, by teaching you trout and salmon fishing and fly tying to the very highest standards. 

Ally is the creator of the renowned Ally's Shrimp salmon fly, amongst others, which was voted the "Salmon Fly of the Millennium" by the readers of Trout & Salmon magazine and the Trout Fisherman & Angling Times.

To download a copy of Ally's informative brochure click here.  Gift Vouchers are available and make the perfect gift, visit the website for more details.

'Spey Casting Made Easy' DVD was directed and produced by Ally and it is possibly the most instructional fly fishing DVD ever about Spey casting and salmon fishing. This DVD teaches double handed Spey casting techniques in a simple and effective manner. Including chapters on efficient Roll, Single Spey, Double Spey, Snake Roll, Snap Tee and Underhand casts and how to avoid common casting faults associated with these casts. Extra chapters on fly tying Ally's Shrimp, knots, shooting line, sinking line and choosing the correct cast for the prevailing conditions.



Phone: 01796 473718 or 07974 826406